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Enrollment Process

Step 1: Prepare Documents 

Academic history (educational assessments, previous school documents, IEP) 

Insurance Information (Medicaid, Aetna, Tricare, BCBS)

Scholarship information (i.e. McKay, Gardiner, FTC)

For more information on scholarships, or to apply, visit the step up for students website:

Medical History (Pediatric, Psychological/Psychiatric, and/or Primary Care diagnostic information) 

Step 2: Fill out Interest Form Below

Thank you! A team member from Able Academics will contact you for further instructions.

Step 3: 
Initial evaluation will be scheduled and conducted at a designated center.


Step 4: 
Submit necessary paperwork prepared in Step 1 to intake specialist and provide any additional paperwork requested.


Step 5: 
Upon confirmation, behavioral and educational assessments will be scheduled. 


Step 6: 
Once assessments have been completed, a potential start date will be established.


Final Step: Confirmation
The process will be complete upon confirmation and the student may attend Able Academics. 


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